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Alaskan River

Landscape Footage     

The Flight Plan

Constructed in 1944 over the Gerstle River, it was renamed in 1993 to honor the 3,695 black soldiers for their contribution to the construction of the Alaska Highway. Today the river bed is bare with mud and rock most of the year. DRONA aimed to capture the true beauty of the untouched tranquil landscape.


The aerial shot offers a remarkable and visually appealing overhead view. The contrasting muddy riverbed against the 100's of miles of untouched forestry is set beautiful in front of the Alaskan mountain range on the horizon.

Wildwood Estate

Estate Footage     

The Flight Plan

The property owners wanted scenic views of their beautiful lakeside estate. We aimed to capture a full experience, planning a flight from both the neighborhood side and the lake.


The Wildwood Estate made for a beautiful approach. This lake country getaway is host to some immaculate home characteristics and beautiful scenic backdrops. The architecture really stands out from an aerial view and the property owners couldn't be happier!

The Crow's Nest

Residential Footage     

The Flight Plan

DRONA was tasked to record drone shots of the Crow 's Nest property for a real estate listing. We wanted to showcase the property's amazing features from all angles.


DRONA was able to create a full-on remote real estate experience. The amazing Wisconsin fall made for a perfect time of year to focus in on the properties details. From the custom roof ridgeline to the amenities, we were able to help our client showcase this beautiful property.

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