About us

At DRONA we understand providing a comprehensive and affordable solution is paramount.  That’s why we listen and create deliverables that are tailormade for you.  Exploration, education, and execution are the parameters of our flight envelope.



Our team brings a diverse background, covering multiple industries with years of experience so you get exactly what you need.  Cutting-edge technology with seasoned experience allows us to cut through the clouds and bring clear vision to your business or project.

No matter the size, complexity, or location of your endeavor we will meet you there with the attention to detail you deserve.

Our Specialties


DRONA has extensive experience in flying and shooting in numerous environments for lots of different uses. From events to real estate we have done it all. We love to think outside of the box to serve the needs of our clients.

Specifically, we really enjoy shooting for events, grabbing aerial footage for golf courses, flying drones for industrial inspections, recording video for wilderness and outdoor adventures, and capturing real estate content.

The Team

Small but mighty, our team is packed with expertise and talent to plan, fly, record, and produce the content you need to succeed.

DenNis M. Cerreta


Dennis has been fortunate to be involved in all levels of the business experience. From running his own architectural firm to being a commercial real estate developer, owner, and operator. From initial programming and planning to project realization. He has the keen sense of discovery and attention to detail, which makes him the industries best discussion moderator which leads to comprehensive decision making.

Eric J. Dohman

Number One

Eric has decades of experience in all levels of information technology, from level one support to operationalizing strategic plans. With experience delivering technical solutions to nonprofits, healthcare, government, small business, and higher education, Eric has a unique ability to add value to every project. He is a trained strategist and has a comprehensive troubleshooting ability.

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